Monday, December 27, 2010

The Modern Digger Club

If my Digger Sporty comes out half as good as Kutty and Duane Ballard have 
done in recent years  then jobs a good'n! 

 and Rico standing next to the Hippy Killer Digger- Photo The Dutchman


Rowan said...

a digger with a sprung solo seat... leave it out Trawler.... thats an oxymoron mate... i dont care who decribed it as a digger, it aint !!!

Trawler said...

Dont call me an Oxymoron!
That First Hippy Killer is about 5 years ago, It didnt know what it was meant to be at the time.
As for you Mr Filler, you havent thrown your leg over a bike all year so you dont count!!

FILLER said...

It maybe true that Ive lent myself more to the world of Rodding this year, but that doesnt excuse you of being a homo. You homo

Trawler said...

Yeah and lending yourself to look like Maxwell Klinger from M.A.S.H in your Jeep.
Big on the Gay Jeeping scene!

FILLER said...

Im making a new meaning to 'HITTING THE DIRT TRACK' and 'GETTING STUCK IN THE MUD'.

Anonymous said...

Hey,easy boys! Nothing wrong with a 4x4!