Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Killer CV carb

Lots of friends have said to me
"Ditch the SuperE!"
I looked into SU but it has to be the trusty CV
Gonna go with the CV re-con guy on E-bay.
Jetted right for Shovelhead.
I already have the flange adapter and this one
comes with its own self contained choke mounting.
I have only read good things about Dale and his Killer carbs.



Spindle said...

ive had a few parts off him and all was good, never had a full carb though, but i recon it will be the bollox

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the arrival of this, wanna hear that lotus eater run proper like... Have to try it on my Ironhead if it starts to play up_ good buy IMHO
Danny :)