Monday, July 18, 2011

Soapbox Derby

I am roped in to help Andy P (The Dook) erect the Soapbox derby start ramps at the Hayride this year.
Real pleased to be asked.
Many hands make light work so if you are fit on Sunday morning give us some help.
Last year I thought "oh yeah couple of kids in a go-kart race" and we all left before it started.
I've since  looked into it and Wow!
Its got a full-on history running hand in hand with hotrod culture,
museums dedicated to it and everything.
Check this HAMB thread out and get schooled.


FILLER said...

What they want YOU to help ? But youre a painter ! Do they want it in magnolia or something ?

Trawler said...

I have built more skate ramps than you've had hot dinners Sonny Jim!
ok about 4 ramps