Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A friend turned me onto Rob from Quad Cam Bastards blog.
I was going back through his pages and it was really good.
Stopped in my tracks when my pic came up.

Some people may think I and my sort are the "johnny-come-lately" to "real biking" and all that.
Rob puts our point across very well and I go along with every word.



Anonymous said...

well dont have a pop at those who go on bout johnny come latelys after you have pop at someone elses scene "my eyes were subjected to DILLIGAF patches
and other fashion misdemeanors too numerous to mention!" (EVEN THO I AGREE WITH YA!! HA)its a bit dumb

Trawler said...

Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck? ummm yeah you do enough to get your mum to sew a patch on your jacket!

Bastard Rob said...

Cheers, Trawler!