Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back In Black

It was my Kooler Shaker then it was the Trawler Hauler.
The bike has been part of me since early 2008.
I have been everywhere on it, it feels surgically attached to me.
She is perky and a good early riser and she has won more than her fair share of big beauty pageants in her lifetime, I cannot part with her.
I just keep looking after her and sprucing her up fresh for another couple of years fun.
She has had more facelifts than Joan Rivers and Cher put together!

Another new look coming out the garage next month.
Nothing in chopperland is new, it's just something I like doing for me.
It will be the same engine, frame forks and front wheel. Most everything else will be tweeked.
These two bikes below are influencing my latest re-invention of the wheel and emperors new clothes.


seb said...

gonna be good bro! cant go wrong with silver n black. having seen 'da hauler' up close many times, i can vouch it's even better 'in the steel'.

Spindle said...

two sweet rides, but my vote is bike two, enjoy your rebuild mister.