Friday, February 4, 2011


Yaniv Evan In Juice skate mag
I think it works like this.
Steve Olson is a skateboarder dude, a legend of skateboarding and artist.
He lives on Melrose in LA where Powerplant Choppers is based.
Olson rolls  down the street and  Interviews Yaniv Evan of Powerplant in the the new Juice magazine.

 I have a whole bunch of Juice mags.
 They are supposed to be more in depth for the older skateboarder with a sense of history.
Trouble is, what older skate guy has 20-20 vision good enough to read the microscopic type face!

You can check it out in part here

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Guy@GK said...

Yaniv's a cool dude. His shop is amazing. His dog is big and fierce looking.