Thursday, February 3, 2011


Looking back through Photobucket a minute ago.
I keep hold of pics showing the beginnings of my first real chop
Xmas 2007.
These photos are special to me, they mark the
start of some really good times.
Mainly Benny's ideas in this bike that was built with me in mind.
I had a say in handlebars and finishes at the end.
Different stuff was put on and taken off again
and a mock up front wheel was hard to take in.
The excitement grew with each visit.
Nothing wrong with having somebody good
build a chop for you especially when you are just
starting out and not sure what you are doing.
I can highly recommend the experience.


seb said...

i remember seeing kula on a boneshakers ad in bsh even before they featured it- loved it even then.great bike mate. now quit resting on yer laurels and finish that digger!!!

Anonymous said...

Second that, gotta make the Lotus Eater a runner first tho'