Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Shovel Trouble story.

The Shovel story.
At The drags we all come back to the bonfire pissed up on Friday night.
All the bikes are covered in dew and cold dampness.
Someone has the bright idea to have a drunken kickstart contest (Benny).
Soon we all get bored with this and the bike is left until the next morning.

Saturday the bike starts and we head off into town.
Stop for fuel in Stratford after a hot run in traffic through the town.
Restart the bike and it kicks back unspent gases from the engine and exhaust.
Kicker flicks back hard and gets caught in the upright position. GAME OVER.
Thanks to Sean and Deak for getting me back to the site. I take it all apart and the kicker cog is mashed. Hauled it home on Sunday and by this weekend and £28 I will be on the road again. Moral of the story, do not let a bunch of “just add beer” experts near your bike after they have had a skinfull!

Thanks for the photos Flamesey


Flamesey said...

Guilty..SORRY about that Trawler...should have asked but the beer made me first attempt at kicking wasn't very good.....

Trawler said...

If the gear cog is gonna mash it will do it anyway. we just sped up the process. I think its funny.

Guy@GK said...

Hope I didn't sound like a drunken wannabe expert (OK, I did)... but having just been through this myself it really is worthwhile to replace the starter clutch and gear too... they were pretty mashed as well! Good luck mate, bike looked good...

Trawler said... are right, as usual.
As you were about that useless rear banana caliper i started with.

I've gone for the cheap option. Havent got a gear puller for the other cogs here in lonersville.

just want to get it running again and dialed in.

AL-DIABLO said...