Friday, September 24, 2010


Christian Hosoi on his Shovelhead back in the day.
Christian was a strutting peacock of a skateboarder
who lived the dream in the 80's.
He resided in WC Fields  Hollywood home and dated Lou Rawls daughter.
Christ fell into a downward spiral of drugs and did 5 years in prison.
He’s found god and now he is out, still strutting and still ripping!


seb said...

dude, he trod almost the same path as you...cept he's never been to plymouth

Trawler said...

Nah Holmes was a straight out rockstar. See his bio-doc movie - rising son it's great.

FILLER said...

I got hold of a Hosoi Hammerhead in the States in the mid '80s.they had only just come out that week.It was all black with the Hosoi motif and looked the nuts.It must have been the first one in the country.It rode lovely.I was well chuffed and fancied myself nearly as much as I do now.
Cracking second shot by the way you nob.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Filler Chufty Badge 4 You!... Bet you didnt ride the fucker tho'
All the gear .......thing idea.
Im gonna mediate this now, stop picking on my mate, just because he's short and sketchy and has a tiny schlong... Doesnt mean he's not gay.
Truce please.

Anonymous said...

Quote"It must have been the first one in the country.It rode lovely." It was a 10x30 plank! Propably the first one ever!Apart from the ones Hosoi test rode .. with his special tucks and wheels, Oj Lovely 2 elites..

FILLER said...

Ere Anonymous things were different then.There was only few skate shops. The ones that were there had very limited stock,mostly '70's left overs and if you were lucky 4-5 new decks.It wasnt anywhere near as big as it is now.There was only a fraction of the skate companies that there are today.Most importantly there was no internet,things took months to get here.You'd see it in TRASHER and then if you were lucky you might see one in 4 months.Air freight was mentally expensive.So being 15 and getting a brand new deck straight off the plane,making it a good chance of being one of the first in the country (U.K not the WORLD !) blew my socks off.Mate I was the most chuffed fucker on the planet.So pass me that CHUFTY badge cos im wearing it.Great fucking days.
Oh yea have a look at those photos again cos he's riding one of the 10x30 planks you were on about.

FILLER said...

Ha ha i said TRASHER....sweet

FILLER said...

Anonymous!......more like Danny from Plymouth.Yes mate the BASTARDOS have got people everywhere.
How about you work on that Ironhead of yours and get over for one of our bashes.That way we can take the piss out of you too.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You got me! Is that an official invite then? Hope to have the Ironhead finished soon, then you can rip the piss and tear me up for ass paper, we could talk about old Trasher mags and Stan Cruz skateboards :)
Danny....from Plymouth.
P.S. Mt first Pro board was a Tommy Guerrero -85

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, i was the original grommet. Rails, risers, ripgrip and copers :) G-turns and Boneless ones. Happy days!

kerr said...

that 2nd shot is the nuts!!

tomo256 said...