Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flakey Dave

Flakey Dave Addis handed over my tank and fender on Saturday.
Not before he took these shots for his blog.

It is a simple design, (the antidote to my other bike’s Blue Moon tank.)
I wanted something bratty and bending towards Japanese Harley builds.

Dave sprayed the Ford green I liked and then had some die cut
stickers made from the design I gave him.

After the deep black was dry the stickers were peeled and hey presto!
Lots of lacquer finishes it off.
The Lotus design is under the fender from behind the bike as well.

I’m pleased with the outcome and that's all that matters!
Thanks Dave, you rule.
If you want a great Paint job in the UK there is nobody better.


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Flamesey said...

Really good paint Trawler