Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can you kick it?

Yes you can.....errr no you can't

Today we got my bike down off the lift and tried to kick it over for
about 5 hours!
Bumped it and booted it.
Broke the kick mechanism and swapped out the ignition.
We had it going once, Benny (leg of steel) is the best.
My noobie technique needs some work.
We think it needs a more sympathetic electronic Ignition and just some good hot oil around the tubes.

Sorry if I looked a bit gloomy guys.
My brain was ticking over all the time and
I cannot believe how much friends chip in when shit like this happens.
Thanks to Lewis, Zippy, Benny, Ian and Scotty
for all their help, time and patience.
Oh well that's choppers!
I'm sure it will run like a champ.

BTW; What's yellow and lives off dead Beatles?

Answer; Yoko Ono


zip said...

Don't worry sunshine you'll crack it.Its all about technique so they say. lets face it between me and you we've got three broken legs Benny was going to win the kick off!

Flamesey said...

shame trawler but thats choppers...good joke though...I'm going to the Drags on Ol Bones after all..managed to strap some stuff on..won't see you at Battz

Trawler said...

Have a good one Mr Flames. you could always drag that kitchen sink behind the bike if you really need to take it!!