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Trip Out Mag article

Unused magazine piece I did on the skaters of the TRIP OUT
Get tickets and chill out for the best weekend you will experience all year.

Last year Andy and Anna Porter and Loggy and Estelle  Bilson-Booker announced they were gonna do a British bike show like no other event.
They told me It was to be called The Trip Out
A show to be proud of they said, a show that ticks all the boxes, a show that you could one day tell your grandchildren about !
Along with all the other epic stuff, they wanted it to have a killer mini ramp with good skaters riding all weekend.
I wonder if you can help, Trawler? they asked.

Fuck yeah! was my reply, I was on it, the  first job was to put them in touch with my friend A.T.T's ramp hire company  All Terrain Trevor and  One- Four- One ramp hire.
A weekend supply- assemble -skate and dismantle deal was arranged and agreed, it was on!

My next task was to pick some skateboarders to be on the hallowed guest list.
I told them they wouldn't want some bushy blond hairdo Californian style professional skateboard team with large ego's and big diva demands,
I made it my mission to round up the most rag-tag, inky, gnarly and disorderly crew of land pirates you ever did see!

My aim was to pick some guys I knew from contests and sessions from  recent years, the fearless fuck-ups, the tattooed young guns,
The craziest UK  heshers to ever step foot on a plank and four wheels!

I got in touch with Lee Blackwell aka Inkwell. This guy is full-on and turned out to be The weekend's MVP
Lee has been a big part of the UK skatescene for the past 10 years.

Lee wrote this…
I grew up around bikes rock n roll and hotrods. I remember as a kid watchin the choppers pull up outside the house. My uncles were part of the H.A which as a kid I thought was pretty cool and I think that's how I found my love for chopper's and classic bikes. Not to mention I was a little Shit as a kid and these guys looked like they didn't give a Fuck so where most kids want to grow up to be a fireman i just wanted to ride a bike and listen to metal and get tattooed haha. I been skateboarding for 17 years now sponsored for most of it now riding for Skateport Circa and MuckeFuck. Independent flow me stuff when i need it as well. When Trawler told me about the trip out I just had to be there bikes, beer, bands skating and a proper cool vibe. I been to many events but this topped it for me. This is one event I can't wait to come around again, the bikes on show were off the hook and to think this was the first event. Thanks Andy and Anna for an amazing weekend. And Trawler. legend!

Next up was Max Roton Yes that is his real name. Mr Roton rides for Witchcraft skateboards and has a passion for scratchy skate tattoos and skate history.
I love it when the up and comers take time to go on the tube and research the old times with 80's tricks and pro's who were real characters.
Next thing you know Max and his mates are helping to bring back sweepers and Texas plants. I never thought I would see these tricks learnt by a new generation  but it is happening and its all cool.

Max writes …
My names Max Roton and i'm from a small town in Kent called Hythe.
i've been skating for around 10 years or so and have managed to pick up a few sponsors in that time, including Witchcraft Hardware, Mob Grip and Altar Skate Shop.
I have always been slightly influenced by motorbikes growing up, watching skaters like Wade Speyer and Jason Jessee. In their video parts it would now and then cut to a shots of them tearing up a dirt track or a road on a bike, So when Trawler asked if i wanted to skate at the Trip Out i jumped at the chance.
It was my first real experience with bikers and hot rods, just seeing so many amazing looking bikes and cars in one location was a real treat. It didn't take long to get comfortable as
the one thing us skaters have in common with bikers is beer. We bought a hundred beers between us, put them by the skate ramp, turned up the speakers and sessioned till the sun went down.
the ramp looked really sketchy but was good fun to ride, so many rad tricks went down . We had quite a few people sit down and watch us but mainly the bikers were cruising around the field enjoying themselves just like we were.
The weekend made me realise that us skaters and bikers are a lot alike, we both like beer, loud music and cruising with our crew. The whole Trip Out was rad and i'm looking forward to the next one.
Cheers to Geordie for sorting out the sounds and to Trawler for organising the skateboarding. See you next year.  Max

Another guy a want to tell you about is Jake Snelling. What can i say about this bloke?
Jake is a wild one, absolutely nuts. he got kicked off a UK skate company for having a swazi  drawn on his griptape.
That sent out a few ripples but it just for shock value, he aint racist he just hates everyone!
Jake rips on ramps and bowls but wont be held down to rules, Jake rode when he felt like it, sometimes when we did a little demo he was on it
but mostly skated  when he wanted to but every time he got on the ramp it was rad.

Jake jotted this down…Trawler had invited me to this thing he was helping put on called the 'Trip Out', he said there was gunna be a ramp there and he wanted some skateboarders to skate it. He said he didnt want the usual british skateboarders which you see at every opening and jam doing demos and are boring as fuck, they may be technical better, but he said he wanted me and some of my friends to come skate the ramp, get pissed and fuck about. I was stoked when he asked, anything with custom choppers, bands, a ramp, beer, go-go girls and hog roast you know that it will be good.

We drank lot of beer and skated the ramp, looked at some fucking rad SS bikes and shit, swastika handle bars n all was sick. Stole some blokes duck and put it in my mate Max's tent, it shit everywhere. I apologise to the farmer, if the duck is bald with stress from that night, or dead. But let the ducks know we are coming back next year!

So that was It.. ..the first UK Choppers and Skateboarding mixed event.
At first I was nervous that it may not work or gel together but I was stoked with the whole weekend and would love to do it all again in 2013.

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