Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ass Holster !

Got my seat recovered by Caer Urfa Leather

The old one began to rip, the top was 1.5mm leather with a machine stamped design, the bottom was 2 layers glued together to give it some substance.  It was rubbish!
 The foam was glued to the seat top and could'nt be reused so it was replaced with foam of a lot better quality.

The new hide used is full grain English hide which is far superior in quality.
Everything has been done by hand, no machines are ever used in their work (they don't own any machines!!) and all stitching is of the traditional saddle stitch method using waxed harness thread.

£99.00 inc post back. (Designs and tooling cost more.)

Stoked on my new seat

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