Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dissecting a turd

Stevie had a great little Ironhead that was nicknamed The Turd at last years Linkert UK event.
Today we all mucked in and pulled it apart at a chopper party in  Benny Boneshakers workshop.
Working 9 til 5 it got changed, new frame, oil tank, sissy bar, handlebars, mudguard etc, etc.

It came out great and started first kick.
Pulled it out in the late afternoon sunshine and Stevie ragged it through the lanes.
Killer day with my favourite people, look out for more pics and video soon from Jonny at Subsculptures


Benny said...

thanks for all your help Trawler, it was a brilliant day

steve marshall said...

Mate, what a day we had !! appreciate you making the journey bud xx