Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lowlevel II

Probably one of the best weekends ever.
If the weather was perfect it wouldnt of been such an adventure.
We went through hell and high water to get here.

Thanks Lee and Steve and all who put this on
Leedog's Shove with a new look

The view from my tent

Sean's first day out on his redone Shovelhead, its rad.

My lighter blew up in my pocket, I got too close to the heat of the fire.
A lucky escape, could of lost my tally-wacker!
Redface's Indian is amazing, what a great bike.

I witnessed guys dancing who I never thought could dance!

It was Loggy's Birthday and they made him a cake.
Loggy was ill so we ate it for him.

The band played on...

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