Saturday, March 3, 2012

Digger Started

Whay-hay! Finally made a start on my digger today.
(you dont know how hard I have worked to get to this point)
It occupies my every waking hour!
Left home at 7am and got to 2nd City Customs to pick up my back wheel and get tyre fitted.

Everybody was at Boneshakers, bikes everywhere, Jonny Wilson was taking photos, Spindle and young Sam were fixing the electrics, Steve Newey was redoing his Ironhead
Benny was on his new airtools and Deak was drinking tea and taking it all in.
So pleased to see you Simon, you are looking really well.

Struggled with back wheel alignment and needed loads of help from Benny,
it is skinnier than Lena Zavaroni on crack back there. (see pic with stock Sportster axle sticking out uncut)
Cut spacers on the lathe and only crashed it once, or was it twice, sorry Benny.
Back in a few weeks for more.

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