Sunday, January 29, 2012

Questions and Snelling

THE TRIP OUT in September is going to a doozie of an event!
Run by my friends the Porters and Loggy and Estelle, a killer mini ramp has been hired
for some skateboarding gnarliness!


They have asked me to get some riders in for the event
(instead of hiring some gay ass demo team!)

Up first we have two complete nutters Questions and Snelling.

Jake Snelling was kicked off Witchcraft Skateboards Team for drawing a Swazi on his board-
Skate Nazi!

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*Questions   His blog here*

Craig "Questions" Scott lives for skateboarding, art and writing, collecting and being very inquisitive!

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anobexia said...

nice post Trawler , he seams a grarly skater !

Brian said...

ramp plans looks sick trawler!