Sunday, December 18, 2011


I had two of these back in the day
1300 soft top in 1982.
I did lots of work myself because the bonnet would flip right up,
you can sit on the front wheel and tinker with it.
Cowboy welders set fire and killed it in bodged MOT work.
Next it was a 1500 overdrive with hardtop and I fitted twin exhausts.
I never, repeat never jumped over mine on a skateboard!


shrew said...

bet you tried though :)

arcadian said...

had one too mate, crank broke in half

Swordy said...

was you a hair dresser??:)

Trawler said...

It was a fanny magnet, came with a warning on the logbook!

Battle said...

Guy on the right has some skills, His board can go through wheels... Fakers!!! haha