Monday, July 11, 2011

Paint Idea

Getting ahead of myself here really.
Looking at paint ideas for my digger project.
Even though I need to finance an engine and title, forks and various other bits and bobs.

I got this little petrol cap emblem last week -20 bucks.
Aeolus, the ruler of the winds will blow blue gold leaf scrolls down each side of a white tank.
Diggers are supposed to have a look of seventies hippy bling so maybe I can pull this off.
Whatever I do It will still be low as fuck and go like shit off a shovel!!


FILLER said...

Yea good idea. I think I'll rip that off.

Trawler said...

Patent pending!

Flamesey said...

..sounds good Trawler..... take a look at the leafing on my oil tank at the Hayride..Tim at TJD Design Bristol did it