Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New look to the Sportster

This bike was my Kooler Shaker then it was the Trawler Hauler. The bike has been part of me since 2008. I have been everywhere on it, it feels surgically attached to me.
She is perky and a good early riser and she  has won more than her fair share of big beauty pageants in her time, I cannot part with her.
I just keep looking after her and sprucing her up fresh for another couple of years fun.
She has had more facelifts than Joan Rivers and Cher put together!
In the grand scheme of things it is not too expensive to do and it floats my boat, i'm just a bolt on and ride it  sort of guy!

New Bike revamp......
Blue Moon Kustoms painted tank
70 moto Gentlemans bars
New 4" bates headlight
Rich Phillips Leather seat
New rust free spoked wheels
Michelin Knobbly 21" front tyre
Avon SM 16" rear tyre
Kooler Shaker Pipes painted and new Biltwell ends
New 2 tone levers

New Dixie footpegs and white toe shifter
New stainless turned oil cap
Rare black Supersixties grips
Death Science death head taillight.
V-stack and Chopper Dave air Cleaner - California Uber Alles.
Long Idle adjustment screw and chrome CV carb top.
Black heat paint to the gear box-Whoo-hoo!
Gloss Black Fender
New sprocket and rotor and pads


steve said...

Love it mate...Those bars look comfy, nice one bud. xx

Benny said...

Yeah... I'll second that mate!

Rob said...

lovely my man

FILLER said...