Friday, July 1, 2011


Went to see Morrissey and his band  in Plymouth last night with Filler and Ed the Fish
from the Los Bastardos of Bournemouth.

It was a good time, we went for a seafood meal and a few beers in Plymouth.
Morrissey played a good mixed set of Smiths numbers and solo stuff.
But it all went pear shaped when a couple of tall blokes pushed through and stood right in front of us.
A bit of argy-bargy and some pushing and shoving and handbags ensued.
It got out of hand real quick!!!

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FILLER said...

Hey Big man it was a pleasure as always to see you and what a cracking night. Morrissey was on top form and a lot more cheerful than I thought he was going to be. But talk about a worshipping audience they were singing their lungs out.They put me to shame I thought I knew more lyrics than that.As for that those big fuckers...well we did try the nicey nicey approach of "Get the fuck out the way" 3 times first ! I personaly thought it put a interesting twist to the night. The "Muff" was one of the nicest ghettos Ive been too and thanks for the tour (including your mother in laws shop).Really looking forward to hooking up with you and Sean soon.
Hayride is getting close so get your drinking head on .