Friday, June 17, 2011

Showclass mag

Showclass is a new mag so I decided to give issue1 a whirl.
Thought it was OK, some of the pics look like they were taken through frosted glass.
Not bothered to look at tit models when I am trying to check out bikes.
Some very cool machines in these pages but......
Jeez... in the grand scheme of things I have only been around for five minutes and still wet behind the ears so when did all these guys suddenly get their sleeves finished off, grew out the beards and
hair and picked up Wayfarers and plaid shirts?
It's all becoming a bit of a cliche'
7 outta 10

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themanfromporlock said...

Looked at their blog, tits and merchandise.
"Went to a local Chopper/ ART show..... it was rad."
and gave up.