Monday, June 13, 2011

Sean Vukovic

Bit of a dark horse is our Sean.
Pro FMX rider from around 2000 to 2007.
Super modest.
Great to see his scrapbook and hear his stories this weekend.


Spindle said...

i was amazed at the stories he told at the tea party, was god smacked when he told me he used to do freestyle, i did mx as a kid, my best finish was 16th out of 32 starting, only 16 finished so that makes me last again, ha ha, glad you had a good time up north, how did you cope with the low levels of oxygen up here, i have mask's fitted to the living room ceiling like in a plane for my southern visitors, it stops thier lungs exploding,ha ha

Battle said...

Oh No... The secret is out! Spent many a good time driving/Flying round europe with Sean and now i plan on doin the same on bikes!!!