Friday, April 22, 2011

Aldershot Wheels Day

Made the trek up to Aldershot wheels for the first outdoors show of the year.
Hooked up with Stevie and Johnny Stocker and Mr and Mrs Rowan Manners.
Finally got to meet the awesome Mr Micheal Noble of Guildford Custom Cycles
and I hung out with the average Mr  Darren Filler!

It was a good day, more pics later.

Darrens Hemi Powered Chrysler New Yorker (sold)


Trawler said...

He he! The hook was baited, you swam around and then you Bit. I reeled you in, Hook line and sinker!!

FILLER said...

JESUS CHRIST ! You too Dan ?
Trawler is a lot more vulnerable in the flesh.

EviLDaN said...

Ha Ha D, i didnt mean it like that, was just good to see you posting again. Hope your fam is sorted as well as you box. Rock iT onwards. Take care Happy Easter. Respetfully Dan