Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Watergate

The Facebook thing just thunders on, bringing people "together",
empowering countries and changing the world.
Or sometimes it's just a complete lazy arse way of wasting your whole fucking day!

Yesterday was a good day though.
I was tagged in these long lost photos from 1976 or 77.
Watergate Bay, Cornwall and the first ever skateboard contest in the UK.

Little Mark Lawer, a fourteen year old grommet, cap sleeved T-shirt and flares.
Scabbling around, getting in the mix with all the top London kiddies like Henderson and Sablosky.
I always tell people I was there and now I have proof, it brought a tear to this old mans eye!

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infidel said...

hay bud thats the thing with getting old i remember my old dad say,in get what ya can kid ya ant got long.