Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Horse Zine

I met this young kid at the Fistral beach boardmasters contest last August.
Straight off he starts asking me loads of questions about the old days and
places and people  I have skated with.

It turns out the kid is called Craig "Questions" Scott and boy is he inquisitive!
Some people think he is annoying but I thought that it was cool how much he
was into the old stuff, I was flattered!
Craig and his buddy James live Skateboarding.
They e-mailed me some more questions for their punk style Skatezine HORSE.

James says
"issue six is finished,
its handbound and griptaped.

interviews from Trawler and Fos

and words from

jake snelling
dan singer
alex payne
and myself.

they are 4 quid each
and as usual i will put anything else
I have on my desk in there as well"


Guy@GK said...

So cool to see the punk rock fanzine ethos is not dead. All power to 'em.

Alec said...

'Questions' rocks, great skater, loves Devo too.