Saturday, March 12, 2011


Think riding choppers or skateboarding are dangerous? think again!
My old friend Jason Florio from skateboarding in the 80's at Farnborough is a
renowned photo journalist working in Iraq and Afganistan,
Ground Zero and mixing with the Somali Pirates.
He points a camera at them and they point guns back at him.
Awesome job and maximum respect Jason.


scratch said...

Always a true legend is Jason! he does some great work...

dave skooter farm said...

Jason was a nice guy...we became friends at the EUROSKATE '86 comp in Warrington and went to stay at his Parents house in Surrey.....he had the tiniest concrete backyard bowl......does he still live in Texas?

Trawler said...

He lives in NY Dave. Seems that is why his 9-11 photos are so on the button.