Saturday, February 19, 2011

Its Alive!

Shovelhead is out of hibernation
New "CV Killer Carb" is fitted , needed new throttle cable which I had waiting and had to be soldered.
Then it took four rounds of kicks to wake it from the winter with oil coming up from the depths
and splashing out of the breather??
It seems to behave itself a lot better than before, all smiles so far.
It needs a press on flange not the rubber seal which is on there now.
Then I can run an air cleaner without fear of the carb dropping off!


Basher said...

Glad you've got it sorted... crackin bike.

Trawler said...

Dobbing in the red top logo on the carb with black marker today. Too tacky!

Spindle said...

excellent news mister, so glad you got it all sorted, enjoy your ride!