Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Biggest ramp ever in the world EVER!

Biggest halfpipe in the world EVER!
My good friends Sean and Dickie were picked to do this Daewoo car advert 2001 in Docklands.
I was in London skating at that time and went along to have a look.
The ramp was 26 ft high with a car on rails in the middle.
The guys had to skate next to a moving car rocking back and forth on rails.
The rail is CGI'ed out of the final advert which has just appeared on You Tube.
Inches away from a bad injury, so gnarly.

I've always been in awe of this.


dave skooter farm said...

Hey Trawler!
I was is negotiations at an early stage to build this thing!
I thought the tv folks were crazy and thought it would never happen!
I was sucker-punched when it actually got built!!......although I remember Dickie saying it wasn't much fun to ride!

Trawler said...

It had 8x4 ply longways and nearly all of a sheet was vert!