Monday, January 24, 2011

The Plymouth Hoedown

Not saying I would but I could, maybe I should!!!

If I was to throw a biker/ hotrod friends gathering on a summer weekend it would go something like this….

Saturday make your way to Plymouth.
Pull in at Prime skatepark where a BBQ would be laid on with big bins full of ice cold beer with fresh ice from the fish packers around the corner.
Free secure overnight bike and rod parking is offered at the skatepark and you can come back and sleep on the ramps most probably or Premier Inn 100 metres away

Entertainment would be by bluesman Thomas Ford and Surf Music by the Waterboarders.
More drinks in our local Jackie Chams lounge bar and then onto the Barbican harbour front nightlife.

SUNDAY would be a 9am rideout  through the Torpoint Twistys to breakfast at Whitsands clifftop cafe.

Back to Plymouth across the Torpoint ferry (20p per bike) and wave  Y'all off home.
Don't think it would ever happen because if I organized it all no fucker would turn up……..!


Michael Noble said...

Im in !! Guildford Custom Cycles would be there armed with, Show Tent, Bikes, apparel The Lot !! are you coming up to the London Custom Motorcycle Show "or did i ask you that already?"

Trawler said...

Micheal I am working during london show and saving for digger stuff.
Don't know how many takers there would be to this idea, just testing the waters .

Michael Noble said...

I remember you saying now LOL !

I think its a cracking idea, ill deffo get involved !!

FILLER said...

What about strippers ?

Trawler said...

yeah strippers are sorted. you want strippers you got strippers. You had to spoil the surprise!

Spindle said...

hell yeah, go for it, i'm always up for any gathering of like minded folk, and i'm sure between us we can get all the stockers to attend, even benny, i know its further than 40 miles, but we can drag him by his neck, i'd defo turn up, drink and food is always enough to encourage me to get involved, where do i buy my ticket?

Spindle said...

trawler in fishnets, thats warpped, ha ha

Basher said...

Put me down for a place.