Friday, January 21, 2011

Daffodils are out!

Yee-har! Trawler Hauler scraped through the MOT today
in true backyard chopper fashion.
Blipped around for an hour.
Went home and took the straight MOT tester friendly bars off and
put the skinny arse lane splitters back on.
Coupled with some Vans Max Schaff chunky grips from my modest stash.
Gonna ride the piss out of it again tomorrow.

Missed you my old friend!


Basher said...

make sure you wrap up well....been out today,bloody freezing,took me 2hrs too thaw out.

Trawler said...

Dickies lined farmers trousers and thermal bottoms with a trap door at the back! I was OK today, warm as toast.

Michael Noble said...

I really love that bike, so damn cool !