Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 in photos

Out with the old in with the New.
2010 was a pretty good year.
Worked on my Shovel at Benny's and we got her done.
  Thanks Benny and Zip

I did my vert skate event in March and it went well.

The Trawler Hauler was in 100% Biker magazine

Rode up to the Batts show and Bastardos party.

Won a prize at Calstock local show with my
good friend Clive.

Rolled with a bunch of cool people at the Hayride.
Met new friends.

Got runner-up at Bulldog Bash.

Entered the Ham Jam Shoreham masters bowl contest

Suffered a bonfire sunburn at the September drags!

The Shovelhead made an appearance in Lowbrow Magazine.

Encouraged Danny to get on with his Ironhead for next season.

Skated a lot more with my son Ben, its the greatest thing.

Roll on 2011, cannot wait.


Anonymous said...

:) Cheers TrawlZ, been a good year, looking forward to a Rad one next year.

Trawler said...

Better add to this.
1/Benny and Zippy did loads on my bike.
2/ I put diesel in my bike by accident before Hayride.
3/ Bike wouldnt start in Bulldog winners circle.
So not as perfect as it would seem!

christiano said...

wiah you all the best for the 2011