Sunday, November 7, 2010

The old Reliant

Out on a winter run today to Princetown
(home of HMP Dartmoor Prison)
Went out on the Shovelhead yesterday but
the bitch was not coming out to play today.

Rode my reliable old sporty and saw this
1935 Reliant girder fork van.

It cost me a 60p charity donation to take these photos so enjoy!


FILLER said...

Aaah mate I could see you in one of those. Trundling round Plymouth/ghetto flicking up the gang signs. Thing is you probably couldnt start that either.
Keeping it real the Trawler way.

Anonymous said...

Thats funny Filler :) Postman pat gets chopped. Apparently he comes from Devon and used to deliver mail to Dartmoor prison, until Jess the cat had a bad experience in B wing Cell block H.

MagnetoZoo said...

Holy Fuck its a Bonk Bus !!! for Midgets Ride on DUDE !!(I want on:)