Saturday, November 27, 2010

In the Pink

Darren Filler from Los Bastardos blog, a big importer of machinery.
If he see's it and likes it, he's gotta have it!
Darren got this one shipped in from the Island of Lesbos.
Darren already had the fuscia biker gear and needed the bike to compliment his look.
Since the bike arrived in the UK Dazzer has made a few  changes including the topbox for his teddy bears.
Look out for The leader of the Los Bastardos on British roads in 2011, you wont be able to miss him.


FILLER said...

Oooh youre such a bitch ! I only got that outfit cos it had the bumhole cut out. After seeing you in yours I thought "Yep thats the look Im going to go for". But I must admit i dont carry it off as well as you do.
When you invited us over for a night of booze and sport, i wasnt expecting Rose wine and rhythmic gymnastics ! gay.

FILLER said...

Jesus . Ive just had another look at those photos ! Now ive seen some fucked up people in my time, but this is something abit more disturbing .What would have to happen in your life to make you go down that path ? Its just wrong on sooo many levels.

Anonymous said...