Monday, October 11, 2010

Los Retardos

Los Retardos

Here they are, Seb and Darren, Tweedle Dum and  Tweedle more Dum.
Each one the special needs version of the other,
I think  maybe they are cousins.
They are next door neighbours in the bad part of Boscombe.  
It’s hell down that way, dogging and wife swapping sometimes even dog swapping.
Fathers Day brings mass confusion among the local community.
If you see these two walking up your street take my advice and cross over the road.


seb said...

man, just cos we said you'd never be in our gang. you can tell from this shot you gotta show some class to get 'in', and that rules you right out, amigo. we have a saying round here-'bob's yer uncle...and yer dad'. nuff said!

FILLER said...

Aaaah Trawler Trawler Trawler what the hell are we going to do with you my little monkey friend. Sorry I havent come to punch you in the nuts sooner but Ive been snowed down with work. LOS RETARDOS that is one of your better ones. I must put a little thought to my retaliation.