Friday, October 15, 2010

The Gator Story

I went to London’s  South Bank to see the UK Premiere 2004.
The true story of a meglamaniac pro skateboarder Mark Rogowski or Gator Or Gator Mark Anthony or whatever stupid name he made up for himself.
This kook rose to the top of skateboarding in the 80’s and got progressively more big headed.
1990 skateboarding trends changed and his lifestyle took a dump and he spiraled downwards.
I saw him in Munster Germany 1990 when he tried to dodge a cab fare and got spiked through the neck and hand on a railing.
Later that year he murdered his ex-girlfriends best friend with an autolock and buried her body in the Californian desert.
Racked with guilt he confessed weeks later and is doing 25 to life, he is out on parole soon.
Good film although a little too close to home ( a few of my friends are interviewed in the movie).
Most murder documentaries have to use actors but there is so much video footage of this guy he virtually tells the story himself!
It is like witnessing  a trainwreck.

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