Sunday, August 29, 2010

Up The Gary Glitter

Double G Honouray member of the Los Bastardos.
The Main reason that the Bastardos exist today.
Big Gary let them all touch his chopper when they were just young lads!


Flamesey said...

ha ha trawler..this wouldn't be anything to do with their posting about your bike I read today?

FILLER said...

ha ha yea great days.i'd shit glitter for weeks !

Trawler said...

This is an ongoing thing, we need to call it quits.

Gary would invite Seb and Darren backstage after the gig to polish his chopper. Gary would supply his own Brasso!

FILLER said...

Man you are soooooo fucking dead. "CALL IT QUITS" in your dreams mate.

Anonymous said...

You wanna be in my Gang!! Got ya back with a small child and some lube... wrong. EviLZ

seb said...

YOU love it up the gary glitter mate.

That's what Plymouth folk call 'ridin hard'.