Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ham Jam

No time to fix shovelheads I gotta conserve my energy for the weekend!
Over Forties - masters bowl contest.
Head is full of questions.....
Will I Fuck it up?
Will my leg snap again?
Will I come last?
Will I lose it and throw my board at the other competitors.
Keep asking myself why the F%&k am I bothering.


christiano said...

go skate! cheers!

Steve said...

Just skate for fun mate; I wouldn't bother if you ain't gonna enjoy it? You haven't got anything to prove.

Trawler said...

yeah-yeah, i know steve.
part of me says one last time, part says fuck it.
Its a bind but i want to pull away
from it.
I'm expected to turn up.
Does my head in.

Jelly said...

You gotta learn me some of those moves before you retire!