Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bike I Like

Killer Jap Shovel from Sparetime Japan.
Loving the rear struts and the Durfree style girder.
Seen a couple guys running with fuel syphons strapped to their bikes.
Could be the new deal? You steal your fuel!


Rob said...

gotta love the shovs man.... hows your doing? its a mighty fine looking thing.

Trawler said...

Its doing all right. it lives in my garage and refuses to come out to play at the moment!

Anonymous said...

A bit of coaxing in the right direction .. OOh err missus :)

Rob said...

is it being a bit stubborn?? looking forward to seeing some riding shots of it mate... i'd love to get a shov but ive just sold me ironhead to help fund a trip to OZ!! haha oh well no shovel this year.
oh, if you get time skateboardsbikesandbeer.blogspot.com.
keep good mate.