Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shovel trouble

No way is this bike gonna start on a day to day basis as it stands at the moment.

V5 document says 1340cc.
Compression is super huge!

Gonna change up the starting- gearbox swap or solenoid pushbutton starter.
If I wanted a sweaty workout every day I would have got myself an exercise machine!

Looks nice sat there tho dont it?


FILLER said...

I think you'd pull that look off quite well.

FILLER said...

While youre at it get some of those old national health glasses with the plaster on one side,then you will have the full set.

BOB'S BLOG said...

Cmon Trawler...don't let the rest of us old feckers down. Get training so you can kick the bugger. Never give in !

Trawler said...

I like that story Mr Kerr.
I had better results today, I nearly
got it wired. I have a longer kicker arm on order and then.....KERBLAM!!

Should be able to put some shakedown miles on it then.

Benny said...

ha ha, you git kerr.

let us know how you get on twaler

Spindle said...

kerr, i remember the blue kicker bike also, benny challenged me, he said if i can kick it i can have it, i couldnt and niether coud he, he used the tart start, trawler, welcome to the world of easy starting, there's no shame, pointless stood on the kerb scratchiing yer head cos it wont start, go get you a button!!!

Trawler said...

Riding my Sporty Flamesy. Always planned on taking the Trawler hauler. It will look better in a Hayride bike line up. Blue Moon kustoms Tank and all that. I love my sporty coz my shovel is EVIL!