Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outside and In the Moment

I love that these people are eliminating themselves. Pretty soon all the people who think getting a phone call and making the business deal is more important than the moment they are in, will die of brain cancer. All the people concerned with efficiency and not quality will eliminate themselves. All the people scared of the world can stay home and home shop for everything. They can grow old, fat and scared of the world, and I won’t have to see time wasters anymore. The streets will be mine. All the idiots will be at home safely locked behind their self-made prisons. And the beauty of it is I didn’t even have to do anything, they did it to themselves... out of fear.

Profoundness from Scott Bourne
interview - Juice magazine #51.
(posted at 2am!)

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Anonymous said...

where the specs on that bike? sweet