Sunday, June 27, 2010

At The Batts

Good times at Battistini's Bournemouth.

Great riding weather to Batts new premises.
The open day closed down the street!
Hanging out with cool friends and back to Darren Filler's Clubhouse.
Food, Beers, Live music from Rich, a roaring Manfire and laughs with a
bunch of Bastardos!

Thank you for great hospitality.

1 comment:

FILLER said...

The door is always open to LOS BASTARDOS fringe members.....and you. What an excellent weekend.The Battistinis open day was the nuts and the LOS BASTARDOS after party is definately going to be an annual events.I always get a good feeling helping out the Plymouth gypsy movement.Mate see you at the 'HOT ROD HAYRIDE'.