Monday, April 19, 2010

Flipped off

The Flipped up fat bob fender is not a new look,
nothing is new in choppers anymore!

Just seems like everyone is running one at the moment,
coz it makes a change from some cut off diddy English style, narrow fender.

I remember on this Blog last year and at the same time on DTFP
we were spying this flathead with a naughty word under the upturned section.

Now we have some stolen pics of Guy's and Benny's build and Mr Stansfield's bike
as three cool examples.

My Shovelhead will be joining the Flip up club next week when the tins get back
from Flakey Dave.


Rob said...

dont matter man, your bike still looks the muts nuts... :)

seb said...

can't wait to see the tins, mate. saw the rest on bob's blog(shovels mmmm???)lokks kin excellent. i'm a sucka for brass touches every time.

as to the fender flips...bit like marmite i guess...say no more! i do like that little bare metal sportster, that was in GK a while back wasn't it?