Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shovel progress

Just back from some more work on my bike.
Front forks have to be shaved, lowered and
The ripple pipes will be all BLACK,with brass end caps and bracket.
Carburetor is on and back wheel and all gearbox/engine are finally in place.
Powdercoat, Paint and wiring to go!

Mucho thanks to Benny Thomas for all his help, a cool day.


seb said...

damn, she's a-lookin' F-I-N-E!
You stickin with that seat? i do hope so...
i assume this shot was taken pre- shave of sliders?
whatever, u nailed it agin, dude.

Trawler said...

yeah Seb, those reflectors are bugging me. All shaved accept the caliper bracket. Its a bit different than many of the bikes at Bennys shop.
With my mag wheels and black paint its more Jappy than anything. I hope it turns out OK and works. It is hard to do right. Couldnt do this everyday.

Flamesey said...

Its spot on Trawler as a Jap Brat style

kerr said...

dude that looks da shnizzle, as Snoop Dogg would say, you gotta think about that fender, don't know dude, if you go fully jap up like you mcked up. well , is hard eh your call, but i'd try and change it up a little ,, looking sweet dude

kerr said...

nice, can't wait, everything looking A1 so far dude, hope you already pounding the leg press at the gym for all those kick starts!