Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shiner Exhibition

My good friends at Shiner have all the old boards in a private collection.
Shiner head honcho Chris Allen has one of every board sold throughout the 80's

This exhibition is gonna be so cool.
Howies store, Bristol from April 17th.
I got my first night invite. stoked!

Deckades skateboard exhibition trailer from howies on Vimeo.


Battistinis Custom Cycles said...

Christ, I thought my couple of decks were a collection, hahaha! We are just putting together plans for our new retail store which we are ensuring that it will be very different from a typical shop and more of an experience! If you know if this exhibition wants to be rolled out in the Bournemouth direction let me know as we would love to get something like this going as it would make a perfect venue.

Trawler said...

Cool. i will ask

Trawler said...

you could easily do one with the skateshop in Poole at the inner end of Sandbanks.
That guy has all the old school boards. I have bought stuff off him. he has a couple of garages full up out the back its like a goldmine!