Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pommier and Wright

Stoked on the Photography of Scott Pommier and Adam Wright.
It inspires me and I am not embarrassed to say I have tried to
copy it.
Whenever I’ve done a photo shoot with my buddy Dan Prately
I unashamedly bite their style.
Here are a few of my half assed examples next to the originals
But In admitting the above three crimes, your honor there are a
few more offences to be taken into consideration!


christiano said...

if I was one of the two mentioned photographer I wuold just appreciate the fact that you tried to do the same cut of image.

It's like a rock band that hears the cover of one of his songs.

just cool!

Trawler said...

yeah, they are the best in my opinion. good photographers and good subject matter.
How many cool ways of photographing a bike? Always gonna do something that looks like someone elses work.