Monday, February 15, 2010

Stole my Idea!!

The thing with putting together a new bike is that you always want to do something a bit different .

I had an idea in my head that I would black ceramic coat my ribbed pipes when Benny sticks them together with that weldy stuff that I do not understand.

My thinking was who would ever blacken this style of pipe that always look cool chromed?

I gotta quote for the work and everything.

Anyhow I was looking on the net and stopped dead by Joyridesartco

Some dude has already done it and they will be in a future GK mag, Nooo....!


christiano said...

customizing chopper scene is like writing a good rock n roll song..

you can think about being a little different.....but the song remains the same....and it happens that you find someone else's stuff whit the same idea you have for yours....that's the fun to me!

black pipes rules....i had a pair of drag pipes some years ago chrome....they rule....keep the way!


Jim said...

That bike's sweet. Like the modded heads. Do the pipes anyway - stilla rad idea, even if someone beat you to it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Not your idea anymore ;) LOL

Trawler said...

yeah i'm not really pissed about it, that was just for comic effect!

Just strange how things happen like that.