Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Sometimes you find two photos that are a bit crap but if you
jigsaw em together it turns out OK.
We were on a mad quest for new skateparks in the early noughties.
This one is first day at a indoor park in Wolverhampton.
All I remember is getting a bad lungful of MDF dust!


smartiekid said...

Up the Wolves!

Was Birmingham Benny around then...or is that more '94 onwards?

Trawler said...

yeah i know that Benny.cannot remember his surname.

This place was on the Parkside Ind estate. Built by Andy Peerless

smartiekid said...

I don't remember that Skatepark, but then again I was one of the much hated new breed of 'street skaters'! :o)

Nice transition tho'!

Skating and motorbikes...who'd have thought so many skaters would be bikers...I only discovered Max Schaff was a biker last month! lol