Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Long Distance Build

3 Hours drive to Benny and his amazing little shop.
Whip off the wheels and off to get tyres fitted at 2nd City Customs 5 minutes down the road.
Back to the shop and start work at 2.30.
Everyone mucks in and we got my bike to this in four hours.

Super stoked and BIG BIG thanks to Benny, Zippy and Flakey Dave for pitching in.

Before you say anything......Long way to go.
Bars are to be trimmed, fender is only placed in and not hacked about yet.
But it's a Shovel in all its glory and I am home again at midnight,
tired but very pleased with my day.

Benny Thomas = Fuckin Legend!


Anonymous said...

Looking sick mark! Just inspired me to get back on the case. Fookin rad mate!

kerr said...

dude it looks cool now and when it's finished will be sweet ride .. you n benny equals class on both bikes so far.. sure this will live up to that and more!!

scrapmetalart said...

Oh Yeah!