Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BIG Wednesday

I had this movie on video and now I just got it on DVD.
There are better surf movies and it is a bit cheesy in places but
Big Wednesday gets me every time and has taught me so much about how to
cope with change and father time!

The movie follows three board riders through life to the point
where they meet up to ride again.
Hard to explain.......
Big Wednesday has shown me that the scene never dies just the people and places change.

For that reason I reckon it just rules.


kk said...


FILLER said...

Mate Ive loved this film since I was a nipper.It still gives me goosebumps on that last day.A true film about being with your mates.
Have you checked out CRYSTAL VOYAGER ? It was made by George Greenough the kneeboarder who shot all the tube shots for BIG WEDNESDAY.If you get the chance see it.He builds his own boat and sails to remote secret spots.This is all done back in the early 70's.He makes his own camera housing and is the first to get this kind of shots.Its really down to earth and at the end theres some metal shots put to PINK FLOYD.
I think you'd dig it

FILLER said...

Ha ha no it was the early tripped out stuff.It works